Sunday April 26 2020

 1 pm at the Club House

Positions on the Board Up for Election:

Vice President  3 yr term

Treasurer 3 yr term

Director Club House and Fundraising 3 yr term

Director Campground 3 yr term 

The legend of the Haunted Lake.

At one time, the Indians had been in the habit of pitching their teepees on the eastern shores of the lake.  Once, in winter, seven braves camped there for the night. In the morning they saw the magnificent head and antlers of a deer caught in the ice.  Quickly the braves started across the ice-covered lake to secure the prize.  Just as they commenced to chop the ice around the antlers, the mighty beast, still very much alive, broke free and smashing a passage before him, swam straight to shore and disappeared into the woods.  All seven braves were drowned and the Indians believed that their spirits still haunt the lake.  It is claimed that each winter when the lake is frozen over, a huge fissure always appears along the exact path, which the deer traveled to shore.